If you are addicted to cigarette smoking then quit today, this way smile makes you complete

Smoking side effect: We do not know the effect of smoking damage from the top, but inside it goes on hollowing us out. Due to this many kinds of diseases surround us.
Smoking cigarettes means smoking is considered very harmful for health. Some people come in fashion and make it a way of their lifestyle, then they get addicted to it that they cannot relieve it even if they want to. From the top, we do not know the effect of the damage of smoking, but inside it goes on hollowing us out. Due to this many kinds of diseases surround us. This is why it is written on cigarettes and packets of gutkha, it is harmful to health. Theaters are also given a statutory warning about this.

It not only damages our lungs but also destroys the entire body. Nicotine inside cigarettes is a kind of enemy for our health. The harmful smoke that comes out of it through your breath is a kind of slow poison. Today, we know about the harm caused by smoking cigarettes so that before smoking, you must keep these things in mind before smoking.

Makes the respiratory tract malfunctioning
When you inhale smoke while smoking cigarettes, this toxic smoke has a direct effect on your lungs. Gradually, it assumes a rare form. Later, such people get fatal lung diseases. There is a fear of lung block. There is also a risk of lung cancer. Cigarette smoking causes the entire lung to turn black and it stops functioning well. The risk of phlegm, cough, and asthma becomes common in the children of those who smoke regularly. There is also a high risk of pneumonia in them.

Spoils the system associated with the heart
The nicotine present in cigarettes tightens the blood vessels, causing problems in blood circulation. Continuous smoking of cigarettes does not allow blood to flow properly in the body. Smoking also poses a risk of blood pressure problems. Blood clots can also form in the heart, which increases the risk of stroke. Cigarette drinkers have a higher risk of heart disease than others.
Effect on skin, hair, and nails
Excessive smoking also affects the skin, hair, and nails. Tobacco causes skin damage. Recent studies show that smoking more cigarettes increases the risk of skin cancer. It also increases the risk of fungal nail infections in the nails. Increases The nicotine found in cigarettes is very harmful to hair. This increases the risk of hair loss problems becoming bald and the risk of hair becoming white.

Spoils the digression
Smoking increases the risk of pancreatic cancer. This also increases the risk of oral cancer and throat cancer. You will be surprised to know that some people smoke but they do not take the smoke in them. There is also a risk of oral cancer in them. It reduces the level of insulin in the body. This also increases the risk of type two diabetes.

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